Global communication strategy

Case study subject: "You are applying for the post of Director of Communication for Camif Group. You will have to understand the issues which are imposed to the Group, under the leadership of E. Jacquillat; to identify the levers and possible axes of communication and to put a multi-channel deployment plan in place (external / internal ... media / non-media) over at least three years. As the Director of communication, you will also be in charge of building your own communication service, and for that to identify and to justify the positions required to implement your strategy. It will therefore be necessary to attach to your analysis report strategic and operational, a projection (calendar) of all lines of the budget of your service (staff, actions broken down by categories / objectives ...)."

In this case study, I chose to position myself as the new director of communication of La Camif, freshly hired.

I also consider that the communication service already exists in a restricted team; I will specify its composition complete at the end of the document. In addition, I assume that there is already a communication strategy in place and I propose new actions or sometimes based on the existing.

You can discover the communication strategy that I elaborated for this company [Document in French]