Personal blog

Years ago, I started to use a pseudo "Digitalités" representing my online identity. Because I have a very common name in France, I needed to find another way to promote myself online, and not being confused with other well-known Caroline Dubois.
In order to improve my skills on WordPress, I found interesting to create a personal blog to practice and try.

This is how it started and this blog was my first website created. I no longer publish on it but I keep it for a future use that I may find.

Digitalités = Digital + Féminité

(French word for feminity)

With that first blog, I wanted to talk about the women of the digital field, most of the time under-represented. That is why I have chosen that name, the mix of those two words. I have also decided to have 2 main categories : 'Around the web' where I wrote about the digital in general, and 'Good vibes only' where I wrote about the things that makes me deeply feel happiness in my guts.